Population Health Quarterly Recognition Form

Population Health enhances patient outcomes and quality metrics, lowers cost of care and improves provider satisfaction throughout the care continuum.  Success is achieved by multidisciplinary collaboration throughout the organization.  

On a quarterly basis, the Center for Population Health will recognize an individual that best exemplifies the values – Innovative, Empowering Patients, Committed to Excellence, Compassionate Care.  Please describe how the nominee demonstrates one of these values. Use the bullet points as a guide for providing examples in your description.

  • Population Health Values:

  • Innovation

    • Serves as a change agent and supports others in the change process
    • Identifies problems and implements creative solutions
    • Contributes to systems that improve outcomes and can be replicated or adapted by others

  • Patient Empowerment

    • Inspires patients to take control of their health
    • Effectively engages patients to self-manage to achieve health goals
    • Fosters sustained change in patients’ health behaviors

  • Commitment to Excellence

    • Demonstrates excellence in teamwork through motivation and collaboration with an interdisciplinary team
    • Serves as a role model to others
    • Contributes to systems and processes that support excellence in patient care

  • Compassionate Care

    • Serves as a patient advocate
    • Understands and attends to patients needs
    • Inspires others to overcome adversity through inspiration and hope